Tips To Buy The Best Battery For Your Car

Today we want to present some items or factors to consider when buying or changing the battery for your car. If you still need better understanding best car batteries can help.

Know the Battery Size:

The sizes of the Batteries are given in millimeters and the height, width and length are handled. This accompanied by the make and model of the vehicle help best for the identification of the battery in your vehicle.

It is important to tell the technician if this car has had any modification such as better sound, accessories such as video, satellite tracking instruments ... etc., since these demands more demand from the battery and must surely be reinforced with batteries in AGM technologies or with higher amperage capacities.

Type of Maintenance:

Check if it is low or maintenance free, that low maintenance battery requires periodic review at least 3 revisions per year given the loss of liquid, this in private service vehicles.

Maintenance-free batteries do not require periodic checks of the liquid, only exterior cleaning for side effects such as sulfation.

Start Amps (CCA -18 ° C)

This is the most relevant measure that drives the battery to start the vehicle in conditions of intense cold, it guarantees the instant ignition of the car. This means that the higher the starting amperage, the better for your car.

Lifetime and Warranty

The average service life of a battery in particular service ranges between 2 and 3 years, depending on its processing technology. if it is of low or free maintenance, mode of use, state of the electrical system, exposed temperature, additional to it, the manufacturer or marketer must grant a guarantee between 12 and 24 months.

Manufacturing Date - Installation. Important!

The new batteries, usually come identified with dates of manufacture or dates to be installed, this guarantees its use to the maximum since the batteries in warehouse undergo the process of self-discharge. It is recommended to install them before it exceeds 6 months of manufacture. Aged batteries lose properties and decrease their life expectancy.

Reserve Capacity

It is the time in minutes that a new battery can supply enough current to maintain the vehicle; lights; Sound; the windshield wipers running without alternator support. Either for damage or because the vehicle is off. It is normally identified with the acronym "RC" on the battery label.

Taking into account these tips on how to buy the best battery for your car we invite you to quote yours call us.

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